Louisiana Olympus Leather History

2002 Louisiana Olympus Leather Retired, Gulf State Olympus Added

Well, it seems that the Mr. and Ms. Louisiana Olympus Leather Contest planned for Dec. 6-7, 2002 at the Barn will not take place after all. The reigning Mr. Olympus Leather, Butch Arnold, informs us that he has been unable to secure the necessary backing and sponsorships. But, on the bright side, Louisiana male and female contestants may compete in the first Gulf States Olympus Leather Pageant on Dec. 13-15 at the Emerald City in Pensacola. The deadline is Dec. 2 and entries also are being encouraged from Alabama, Florida Panhandle, Mississippi and Texas. The weekend package for the meet-and-greet party, contest and victory brunch will be $45, with an $8 discount for early registration. The pageant itself will be $25 at the door.


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