Minnesota Olympus Leather History

2000 Minnesota Ms. Olympus Leather - Mistress Hannah Miyamoto

2000 Minnesota Mr. Olympus Leather - David Coral aka Jazz Thomas

David has been active in the Leather lifestyle since the mid-1980's, beginning his journey in Chicago. Though he has lived most of his leather life within the Master/slave dynamic, he has never felt comfortable using the title Master or calling himself Sir David until that distinction was recognized by his community, which occurred in 2013 with a formal covering that June.

He is a charter member and current Taskmaster (President) of the Knights of Leather, Minnesota, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! In 2002, he was instrumental in re-defining Minnesota Leather Pride, and has served on the organizing committee or board in some capacity since.

David, under the name Jazz Thomas, was named Mr. Olympus Leather 2000, and has been a three-time tallymaster for that contest. In 2004 he was first runner-up for American Leatherman. David served on the organizing committee for the 2007 Leather Leadership Conference: The Art of Sharing Power, in Minneapolis, and was a co-producer for American Brotherhood Weekend (ABW) in 2008 and 2009.

David has been a slave and a Master at various times over the past two decades, and the D/s dynamic resides at the heart of his life and leather practices. He is a BDSM coach and mentor, and presents demos and workshops, specializing in heavy impact work, CBT, abrasion and D/s relationships. Currently, he is working on establishing a mentoring network in the Twin Cities area.


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